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We are more than happy to serve you! We handle everything after you pick your pots and plants of choice. However, if you are not knowledgeable with plants, we have specialists available to guide you in picking the best gift for yourself or your loved one.

Private Classes

You can arrange your private class if you miss one and would like to attend a repeat, or simply want to learn something new. The private classes are great for the homeowners association, gardening clubs, or even groups of friends who want to discover more with regards to gardening.


The kits and planters that we have offer versatile remedies that ensure every customer will be satisfied and will enjoy using it because it suits their modern lifestyle. With all types of customers in mind, we design our products according to their liking.

About Us

Certain businesses have attempted, with high design, to face the vertical and urban gardening challenge. However, we love developing garden tools that are modular and versatile to be used in designing so you can start your dream vertical garden. 

Our team is dedicated to providing your planting needs through innovation and ingenuity. 

In addition, we have created something for every plant lover to beautify their space.

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Land mower on grass

What Is A Stamped Deck On A Lawn Mower?

When choosing a lawn mower deck, one of the critical components often overlooked is the mower deck. There are primarily two types—stamped decks and fabricated decks. Your choice can significantly affect not just the quality of your cut but also the mower’s durability and ease of use. In this article, we delve into what is a stamped deck on a lawn mower and how it compares to fabricated mower decks. Also, you’ll learn which one might be the best fit for your garden care needs.

What Is a Stamped Deck …

Things You Should Know About Using Generators in Your Garden

Things You Should Know About Using Generators in Your Garden

Trimming your hedges or the edge of your lawn is usually done manually. However, it’s also common to see people relying on power tools to make the job faster and easier. Most of these power tools are powered via solar power, batteries, and petrol. Generators can be useful during gardening, especially portable generators. Whether you want to work on a shed, on your car, or repair the fence, having easy access to electricity makes these tasks easier. Depending on what you can afford, you can opt for either solar-powered portable … Read More
Tips For Your Organic Garden

Tips For Your Organic Garden

Whether you are already a veteran gardener or somebody new, there is always something unique and new to learn to make your gardening experience better. Today, we will share various tips that you can do to help you when it comes to improving your gardening skills.

Eggshell Pots

Many do not know that eggshells are rich in nutrients such as magnesium and calcium that can help plants to grow healthy. To use the shells, you can fill them with soil and put the seedlings.

Cooking Water

You will be surprised …
Grow Your Vegetables Indoors This Winter

Grow Your Vegetables Indoors This Winter

Are you wondering if it is possible to grow your own vegetables this winter? With the right attention and care, you can definitely do that. If you have limited room but are really eager to grow your own green, just find a sunny area and you are good to go. The plants where leaves are used are usually better when grown indoors than fruit-bearing plants. A vegetable garden indoors may sometimes have the impression that it is an exhausting task. The simplest way to do this is to start little …
How to Keep Your Plants Alive

How to Keep Your Plants Alive

Gardening is not really a challenging task to finish but it takes time and skill to do it correctly. If you always panic upon seeing brown spots on your plants, we are here to tell you that it is normal, especially if you are just starting out in gardening. Today, we will discuss some points that you should follow to keep your plants alive.

Know The Plant That You Have

Make an effort by researching what kind of climate it thrives to prevent it from dying, don’t just learn the …


“I absolutely love the raised bed that I got, it is just the right size for my herb garden. I am still a beginner so I like the fact that I can use it even if I have a small space. It also has a built-in irrigation system so I do not have to worry about anything else. Buying this kit, which is all-inclusive, saved me time and energy.”
Emma Miller
“I recently purchased the vertical garden kit. I am currently living in an apartment with very minimal space and I must say that I initially thought that having my own garden was not going to work even if I was eager to start growing herbs and veggies to save money. After learning about the benefits of having a vertical garden, I can now start planting and I also love the fact that it has a self-watering feature because it fits my busy lifestyle.”
Eric Smith

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