Planting FAQs

– How Do You Maintain A Vertical Garden?

We recommend that you wipe the bottom of a planter with a damp cloth. Doing this removes the dried salts and nutrients that are accumulated by the water drains.

– What Are The Advantages of Container Gardening?

Container gardening by using planters doesn’t only look good and a great addition for your interior’s overall style, but it also helps control temperature and moisture.

– Is It Really Necessary to Buy a Greenhouse for Your House?

It depends on the climate you are currently experiencing as it prevents the plant from being exposed to different temperatures that can cause it not to grow properly. Greenhouses also help protect plants from bugs and to control humidity.

Product FAQs

– What To Do If A Product Is Sold Out?

If the product that you like is not available, you can click the notify me link and enter your details to get an email when the product is already in stock.

– How Long Does It Take To Get The Product?

You will receive your order around 2 to 6 business days as long as the product is in stock.

– How Do I Check My Order Status?

We will provide you with a tracking number to monitor your order.

– Can I Still Cancel My Order?

Yes, you can still cancel it within thirty minutes after placing your order.