Potting Services

We are more than happy to serve you! We handle everything after you pick your pots and plants of choice. However, if you are not knowledgeable with plants, we have specialists available to guide you in picking the best gift for yourself or your loved one.

Here are the fees when you purchase from us:

  • Less than 10 inches is free
  • Over 10 inches is priced at $10 per piece
  • If you opt to have drainage holes, $5 is the drilling fee.

It is also possible to get the services that we offer even if you have a container or pot of your own. But, please be aware that we do not drill holes from pots that are not purchased in-store. The fees for personal pottery arrangements range from $5 for pots that are smaller than 10 inches up to $25  for pottery that is over 24 inches.

Soil amendments and fertilizers are already included in the fees but every customer is suggested to buy their own soil that can be used for potting. Also, please take note that we cannot deliver personal plant arrangements and can only offer our potting services exclusively for in-store customers only. To avail our services, please refer to our landscaper page for the list of professionals near you.