Mobile Planters/Green Walls

Mobile planters are perfect for your constantly growing garden. The planter has wheels which you can conveniently move to the sun or shade, or even avoid harsh weather. This means that this elevated mobile garden will not bend your back or damage the knee and is perfect for the elderly who love gardening.

Countertop Garden

With the countertop garden, watering your plants will now be easier. This product is incredible because you can build and move your green space anywhere with the least amount of effort.

It is also BPA-free and is made of high-quality recycled plastic and suitable for edible plants. It can be a succulent wall, a herb garden, or a vegetable bed for beginners.

Vertical Garden Kit

The vertical garden kit includes all the things you need to start your own vertical garden. Its fully irrigated and space-saving design kit is an excellent way to start your first vertical garden, not to mention that it can also be mounted using the provided brackets on a vertical wall or enclosure.

Garden Bed

The garden bed consists of a composite of UV-protected wood with a simulated wood structure. It does not need any tools for assembly and has a modular design. This garden bed is low-maintenance, weatherproof, and will not crack or rot. Every kit includes a micro-irrigation system.

Greenhouse for Green Wall

In this mini greenhouse, your plants can be safe and secure and you do not need to find a large area to install it because it is smaller than average greenhouses.